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Daughters, sisters are not VIP but VVIP in heritage.

Fasting revives this scale of justice.

Daughters, sisters are not VIP but VVIP in heritage.

Daughters, sisters are not VIP but VVIP in heritage.

Fasting revives this scale of justice.

---------------------- Dr M.A.Rasheed, Nagpur

Daughters or sisters are usually unable to assess the parents' heritage properly due to education, housework or living at in-laws' house. Therefore, somewhere they have to let go of their rights or they are ignored altogether.

Parents should therefore keep daughters informed like sons about the assets and property by telling them about the movable/immovable assets, tax and liabilities including Zakat. No matter will be raised later if the amount of inheritance and relevant details are shared with all the family members. Daughters themselves will be able to get their rights from their brothers and they will have to give their due even if the brothers didn't want to.

The root of this scale of justice is fasting, which purifies the hearts and brings forth the fair and just matters even though people may not like it.

The holy month of Ramadan bestows us with the qualities to lead the life justly. It includes all kinds of behavior, along with prayers. If these qualities/manners are ignored, then many shortcomings start afflicting people and there is an upheaval in the family due to the resultant injustices.

In this, neither the married daughters get a share in the inheritance of their fathers nor the daughter-in-law who became the family member after marriage get any share from the husband's inheritance.

We should sincerely realise that daughters are the share holders and deserving of the VIP legacy which the Shariah has granted them . It has to be accepted that they are the heirs, they have a share in the father's/mother's inheritance. If someone does not give her this right, then it will be considered as atrocity on her. There is no apology/pardon for this atrocity.

If the mother or father dies, then the daughter who is the only child, will get half the wealth. For example, if the parents have left one lakh rupees, then she will get fifty thousand and the remaining amount will be distributed among the poor. If there are more than one daughters, all the daughters together will get 2/3 i.e. two third of the entire property.

If there are brothers and there are three lakhs, then brothers will get two lakhs, the remaining one lakh will be distributed among sisters. Sisters will get half as compared to brothers when there are more than one sisters and brothers. Two sisters are equal to one brother. We can say that two sisters will get an equivalent share of one brother, but if there is no brother then the share of daughters is fixed.

It is a widespread malady in our community where daughters are not given the share in the inheritance and brothers do not know/accept the rights of sisters. Second, the brothers grab the inheritance by fabricating the documents or using fake signatures.

Daughter is father's and mother's offspring, whenever the parents pass away, the daughter will get her share according to the law of Shariah.

And the Shariah, has kept the daughter in the category of very VIP i.e. VVIP, a very valuable person!

So special that if there is no brother, then the daughter will get fifty thousand and if there is more than one, then they will get two third of the total. If there are brothers, then sister will get half of the brothers' share.

Shariat-e-Islami has made the sister an heir to

the inheritance. To deprive her of this share would amount to extreme atrocities.

It is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an that those who turn away from the law of Allah and do not give their share to the deserving people, Allah has prepared a painful punishment for such people.

If the brother has committed atrocities on his sister, then Daar-ul-Qaza will definitely get her rightful share under the criminal case. The court may punish him for depriving someone from inheritance, and in the hereafter, Allah the almighty, will punish the guilty. This law of inheritance is such that unless all the heirs are named and they are not mentioned, the share of any one heir cannot be fixed.

This is a legislation in which no opinion should be given on its own behalf. Whenever the parents die, the matter should be taken to a religious scholar (Aalim). The matter should be placed before the Aalim that the death of such a person has taken place, these are his children, these are brothers and these are sisters. We should keep in mind that brother sister, son, daughter, mother, father and spouses are the heirs. All these should be mentioned, so that the Aalim can tell who will get how much share, in the light of inheritance rules prescribed by Qur'an. There are different decisions in each case.

No opinion should be formed without the Aalim. This knowledge requires mathematical skills and everyone may not have this knowledge. Aalim who has knowledge of inheritance can easily solve all these issues. He will tell the full share by writing down the names of all the heirs. In this case we should write the name and date of the deceased person and also the names of those who are living heirs.

It is worth noting that as per Shariah, the living people only get the inheritance. If someone has died, then he/she does not get the right to inheritance.

Widowed daughters, orphaned grandchildren or grandsons do not legally get a share in the inheritance. But parents can donate(do "Hiba") to these people while they are alive.

If the heirs want, then these people can be given a share, it is a very good thing.

It is the responsibility of each one of us to seek the help of Mufti or Quazi and not to solve the matter on our own. Its detailed information is present in Surah Nisa of the Holy Qur'an.

Surah An Nisa (4), 11 dictates about the children that

✦One boy's share is equal to two girls'

✦ And if there are only two or more girls of the deceased, then they will have two-third (2/3 i.e. 66.66%) share in the total inheritance.

✦ And if there is only one girl, then her share will be half (1/2 ie 50%),

✦ And each parent will get one-sixth part (1/6 i.e. 16.66%) when the deceased has children.

✦ And if there is no child and only parent is his heir, then mother's share will be one third (1/3 i.e. 33.33%)

✦ And if the deceased also has brothers, then one-sixth share (1/6 i.e. 16.66%) will be given to the mother.

✦ And this distribution will happen after fulfilling the Will of the deceased including repaymente of any debt.

✦ You don't know who among your father (grandfathers) and sons (grandchildren) is going to benefit you the most.

✦ These shares are ordained by Allah and Allah is All-Knowing and Wise.

Updated : 20 April 2022 6:35 PM GMT
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